Friday, June 21, 2013

More Thoughts On Marketing Books

Hello, Everyone:

Here are some more thoughts on marketing yourself and your book.

First things first:

1. Get a website dedicated to you as an author as soon as possible
+ Put 3-4 testimonials on your page.  See the testimonials on the back of Jade's books or see the ones on my website:

2. Open a Facebook account, and start a fan page for yourself as an author

3. Develop the following lists as you work on your manuscript:
+ Publications in your genre
+ Reviewers in your genre (find them on or
+ Contests
+ Radio/TV shows, magazines
+ Groups related to your topic or genre (nonprofits for kids with cancer if your book deals with that topic, for example)
+List of goals for yourself and for your book

4. Define and segment your target market(s)

5. Join Toastmasters or a group dedicated to public speaking

6. Get business cards (I recommend at least 2 different designs and rotate them every month or two)

7. Start a blog/social media

8. Build up your reputation.  Open an account with and set up google alerts,  Also, you can follow these links to remove negative items in search lists: 

9. Work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

10. Join IBPA

11. Join Networking groups like the one in the last email I sent

12. Subscribe to writers' magazines, such as "Writer's Digest"

So you've completed your manuscript and have a final product:

1. Create an Amazon Author Page

2. Buy a Facebook ad ($1 a day)

3. Run contests on Facebook, give away autographed copies of your book, or other prizes

4. Produce giveaways to market yourself or your book:
+ Try to get businesses to stuff their bags with these items
+ Leave one everywhere you go
5. Consider doing a book trailer

6. Contact Book Clubs

7. Get ratings on and

8. Start using the lists you compiled in #3 of the last section

9. Prepare a Press Kit (see attached Bio sheet and Synopsis as an example)

10. Do trade shows and exhibits: 

11. Continue to contact TV and radio shows, as well as local bookstores to do appearances

12. Prepare a press release (see attached) and send to newspapers and magazines

13. Contact magazines to run excerpts of your book

14. Work on your elevator pitch - remember, 3 elevator floors = 30 seconds!  Record yourself, perform it in front of friends, etc.

15. Make your book available for fundraisers.  Find non-profits that are related to your target audience/niche

16. Continue to monitor your reputation

17. Bundle your book with other items as a package / giveaway

18. Make your book available on

19. Hire someone to market for you (craigslist,

20.  Kickstarter, Tumbler, Planetbooks.  Check them out

21. Don't EVER lie to your readers!

22. Visit my website: (always be ready and willing to shamelessly self-promote)

Guy Kawasaki offers Social Media Marketing tips in this recording from CreateSpace: