Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing Roadblocks

So I'm planning a discussion in one of my writing groups about "Writing Roadblocks".  I got stuck for a couple of days wondering what types of roadblocks most writers encounter when setting out to write, and how these can be overcome, but I kept running into the same ones: 1. Family distractions and  2. Internal editor.   After some sleep (and a nice long chat with my kids Malakai and Tobi about their never-ending neediness) I came up with about six.  So here they are:

1.  "The Fam" - this is a Supervillain Team that constantly threatens to derail my writing efforts.  Even when I lock myself in the garage (my Superhero Headquarters!) this pestering posse of dutiful distractors manages to find a way to foil my plans to greatness.

2.  "The Editor" - this guy acts like my friend, but is actually the most evil of all.  He takes what I create and shreds it down to a single word: "rewrite".

3.  "The Riddler" - cousin to the editor, the Riddler stands beside me in battle, but distracts me with incessant, irrelevant questions such as, "Should I start this chapter with 'My name is' or 'People know me as'?" or "Should I make them the Doublemint Twins or the Tripleberry Bunch?"  or "Should Mr. Dopleby be wearing a green jacket or a red one?"

4.  "The Jock" - much like the one I knew in high school, this archetype of anti-typing likes to spend his time (and MY time) thinking about how great he is.  He revels in his own imagined greatness, and forces me to do the same as distracts me from working on new material so he can look back on his previous work and gloat about his genius.

5.  "Fats" - once a skilled and popular pool player, this guy now spends his time getting up from his workdesk to have a snack.  His usual line: "Ah!  We just finished putting those two words together beautifully!  Look at how 'one' and 'day' hug each other like Jack and Jill!  Let's reward this awesome accomplishment with a quick snack break."

6.  "Mr. Tudu" - ah, Mr. Tudu; so helpful.  I was introduced to him by my parents and then my teachers.  He constantly distracts me with reminders of other tasks I need to complete while I am trying to write, and whispers the list to me repeatedly until I close my laptop and wave to it; "toodaloo".

And there you have 'em.  My worst enemies when it comes to writing.  I still need to figure out how I'm going to fill an entire two hours at the meeting, so I would LOVE to hear your comments, and your own lists of "Antityping Archetypes".