Saturday, November 2, 2013


I just had a baby a week ago and a friend of mine recommended some books about raising a child in a "green" environment.  Now, I'm not usually the environmentalist type, but having a baby changes things for people, and for me this was one.  So, this friend, Hanna, also started a petition that was so well written, that it has gained some momentum for Disney to make changes at their parks and resorts.  Following is a bit from her message to me:

Recently, I wrote a  petition on asking Disney for Organic & Non-GMO Meal Options.
In part my petition reads: 
"...the recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics that indicates pediatricians are urging parents to choose organic food to reduce kids' exposure to pesticides.  According to Joel Forman, an associate professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and a lead author of the report:  "Clearly if you eat organic produce, you have fewer pesticides in your body. Children – esp. young children whose brains are developing – are uniquely vulnerable to chemical exposures.”

This shows the importance of good writing, not only for storytelling, but for changing our world in positive ways.  Would this have had as much success had it been poorly written?  Probably not.  In any case, if you are interested in signing this petition, please follow the link above.