Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Gourmet Shif

Shark Short #3.  It's a children's rhyme - my first ever.  Hope you like it!

The Gourmet Shif

I am a Gourmet Shif, a Gourmet Shif am I
The hardest part of my long day
Is when I have to heat, to heat the oil to fry.

Living underwater stinks - these things they just can't stay
Where I plate them really nice
In the pan or on the plate, or in the cup or on my tray

Everything just seems to run, to run from me they do
If I'm cooking, seeking help
They run like I'm a spook, telling everybody "Boo!"

I ask stingrays to help me, then I ask the turtles
"Aagh!" they scream, they flee from me
(Plating meals and heating oil are not my only hurdles)

"Assistants needed," I call aloud, through the ocean rovin'
Lonely shark with no assistance
Something different I must make, perhaps I'll use the oven

"Won't someone help me," I call again, "help me for goodness' sake!"
I see them hiding in the reef
Without heat and without help - how long now to bake my cake?

I was a Gourmet Shif, A Gourmet Shif I was
But without help I am a Fish

Simple, boring, little Fish who cannot even make a sauce!